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Nada Samir Mother of the staff. Dentist. Teacher. A heart-driven spontaneous perfectionist (you do the maths). Passionate about writing. Loves chocolate of all colours and types (no discrimination).
Nada S. Shahin, Founder and CEO 


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Omar AlSaghir CEO/Dentist/Teacher. Workaholic and a food enthusiast. Give me work and food and watch the magic happen!
Omar AlSaghir, Founder and CEO
Ahmad Farghaly An engineer, an aspiring screenwriter, and a published author who had his first book in stores earlier this year.
Ahmad Farghaly, Senior Arabic Editor
Lamis Bahaa Proud crazy cat lady, annoying perfectionist, sometimes writer and a passionate eater who does dentistry on the side.
Lamis Bahaa, Senior English Editor
Abdelaziz Mahdy Selfish, egocentric, smart ass doctor.Abdelaziz Mahdy, Section Director (Chillout Lounge)
Alaa Ahmed Alaa Ahmed, a third-year electrical engineering student at AASTMT University. Particularly, she enjoys reading English literature, especially Jane Austen novels, and writing quotes. Her interests also include learning foreign languages and travelling.
Mahinour Mohammad A dentist who is emotionally engaged with art, colors and linguistics.Mahinour Kamal, Section Director (Feather Work)
Menna Khattab 21. Freelance photographer, based in Cairo. Trying to discover the different aspects of myself and get to love them. Also, learning to enjoy what life has got to offer me.PS; everyone is photogenic.
Menna Khattab, Section Director (Homo sapiens)1452531073_Instagram-01
Salem Abdeen 21. Dentistry student. A Palestinian born and raised in UAE.
I come from a mixed background, hence, meeting people from all around the globe.
Salem Abdeen, Section Director (Adam and Eve)
Sylvia Sami I do believe in fairies; because, guess what, I have a wild imagination, hope and great parents who taught me how to dream.Sylvia Sami, Section Director (Runway)
Tharwat Abaza Twin. Dentist. Bibliophile. Writer. Lover of films. Runner for the internal liberty. Pizza addict. My beard’s biggest fan.
Tharwat Abaza, Section Director (Words on Canvas)
Alaa Mahmmoud A pharmacist who suffers from anxiety, has a passion for fashion and boots obsession, but is usually broke.Alaa Elshawadfy, Staff Writer
Mahmoud Elhadary A Cairo based aspiring author who hates Cairo, with an eloquent love for cooking and a side hobby of being a dentist.Mahmoud Elhadary, Staff Writer 


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Marwan Saeed 1997. Studying dentistry at Ain Shams University. Through out all my life I’ve been always bad at describing myself, but I know one thing; if there were two types of people in this world, I would be both.Marwan Saeed Abdien, Staff Writer 


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IMG_2789 A certified stylist, that has a lust for fashion and everything beautiful. Addicted to coffee and bohemian spirit and silver rings. I love fashion so much that when I feel down I don’t run to the Nutella jar, instead I go open my closet and start making new outfit.Nermine El Etreby, Staff Writer 


IMG_2781 22 years old, Novelist and creative writer. Enjoys reading most of her time and when she is free she loves to workout. Coffee and books are essentials to her, besides her love for Abdel-Halim’s songs.
Salma Abdel-Nasser Abouzeid, Staff Writer 


A shy art lover, who obviously doesn’t know how to write a good bio about herself.
Lojaina Azzam, Graphic Designer
Nouran Nashaat 20 years old. Enjoys going to the gym most of her time, she could skip outings just to workout. She’s also into fashion and likes to try out odd outfits that might look weird for some people. Fashion and fitness are essentials to her, besides her extreme love for Tupac’s songs.Nouran Nashaat Al-Adawi, Marketing and HR Manager 

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