Pick A Street Volume 2

Music is a piece of art that goes in the ears straight to the heart. It is a loop, the more you listen the more you feel and the more you feel, the more you would want to listen.  Can you imagine how people who have auditory problems never get to experience that? They aren’t capable of feeling the goose bumps you get when you listen to Hotel California’s concluding guitar solo or when you listen to Whitney Houston’s I will always love you.  Quite saddening, isn’t it?

Nelly Cassis’  performance in Gouna


However, the launching of Pick A Street is an aspiring solution to relieve this agony. PAS has collaborated with Waslet Kheir to help raise funds for cochlear transplantation surgeries and associated predicaments’ treatment modalities. R-Productions launched the first volume back in 2016 and is currently hosting volume 2. R-Productions has also partnered up with Peace Cake Productions for video production. NRJ has been on board with PAS throughout this volume at all the different venues and CIB has been with them at the Gouna event.

Hassan Ramzy live at Gouna


Danny Malak at BikerZone, El Agamy


The idea is a group of aspiring, extremely talented musicians congregating in one of Egypt’s streets and playing their best music. People who pass by have the opportunity to listen to some good music, get a chance to gain awareness about the cause and voluntarily donate for it. PAS Vol. 2 has visited many places so far including Gouna, Mohandessein, Heliopolis, Fifth Settlement, Zamalek, etc. The idea has been welcomed by Egyptians with a warm heart and the nobility of the cause can be seen, saturated in the eyes of the organizing team.


Donations box


Gouna audience

Last year, the first volume of PAS attracted more than 24,000 attendees. “This year, Pick A Street is going to be much bigger. We’re not only hitting the streets of Cairo, we’re also going outside!” stated the aspiring R-Productions founder, Hassan Ramzy.


PAS Vol. 2 finale will be held at Cairo Festival City this Saturday, the 13th of  May. The line up of performers is phenomenal. People will get to see bands like Sharmoofers, Massar Egbari, Strawberry Swing and individuals like Danny Malak, Khaled El Agaty, Ahmed Sobhi and many more. The hottest gig in town is coming and this is one you don’t want to miss!

Gouna Donations


Bikerzone Donations


Tickets can be booked online through this link: (http://bit.ly/PickaStreet)

Or can be bought from TicketsMarche’s outlets: (http://bit.ly/OutletsAR)

Or you can call the hotline: 16826




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