Noel Hopkins: Batman Did It!

We wanted to know more about Noel Hopkins, the world’s cutest kid, and so his sweet mother, Laura Hopkins, gave us the opportunity and helped answer the questions we had in mind. So here’s more about Noel and his family too!

1. Let Noel tell us more about him. What are his favourite things and things he love most?

I asked Noel what are his favourite things and he said:
Animals: dinosaurs, lion guard, animal toys and trolls! He loves all different types of animals and has quite the collection; he lines them all up and names them.
Favourite book: little lost dragon when a dragon is lost and tries to find his family (his own words!)
Favourite food: watermelon!
Favourite movie: trolls!

2. How did his love for Batman and dinosaurs start?

From a very young age he showed an interest in dinosaurs, everywhere we went he would go straight for the dinosaur toys so we bought him a few that he wouldn’t put down! His collection has since grown, and again he loves to line them up and tell me the names! He watches dinosaur videos on the iPad where he has picked up their names, as I don’t even know the names!!
His favourite superhero was always the hulk so batman came out of the blue, but again he can name all the superheroes and quite enjoys watching cartoons with them all in it, batman has obviously since became quite big in our house, as he had been given a number of batman toys. And he was sent a cartoon picture of himself and batman which he loves; he now thinks they are friends!

3. What does Noel want to be when he grows up?

A zookeeper or a superhero.

4. How has things changed after Noel’s viral fame? And what was the best thing that happened due to it?

Things have changed so much for us, he now gets recognised everywhere we go! We have made up a YouTube channel (Laura Hopkins) and an Instagram page (@laurahopkins01 ) as people want to follow him and watch him grow. We have had so many lovely messages and comments, it’s quite overwhelming!
I would have to say the best thing to come of it was when we appeared on “This Morning” (a popular morning show in Britain) and got to meet the hosts. It was an unbelievable experience and a great trip to London for Noel, it was his first time on an aeroplane and he loved it.

5. Tell us more about Noel’s sister, Toni. And how does she feel about his fame? Does she get jealous?

Toni is 10 and is into her cheerleading and make up, she is very proud of her little brother but does sometimes get bored of hearing about it all the time. She is a star in her own right I keep telling her! Noel is definitely not allowed to touch her makeup anymore.

6. Finally, who drew on mommy’s mirror?

He is sticking by his story that batman did it! We had a local radio station visit and the host was dressed as batman and when asked who drew on the mirror, Noel said “You”!

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