Before We Go

Before We Go is Chris Evans directorial debut. It was released in Toronto International Film Festival in 2014. It stars the oh-so handsome Chris Evans as Nick Vaughan and the woman with the prettiest British accent Alice Eve as Brooke Dalton.

Now, I need you to help me take you on a trip around the movie.
I need you to imagine. Imagine you are a man (Nick) who is sitting on the floor in Grand Central Terminal so late at night, playing the trumpet. Your mind seems to be in a really different place than you are, maybe with someone else?
Just please imagine one more time. Imagine you are a woman (Brooke) in a foreign city where you know no one, but it isn’t that bad, because you have already booked a train ticket. You will be home before you know it. However, nothing goes as planned; you lose your purse, and you miss the train. Can things get any worse?

Believe me; you want to know the story behind these phone calls. 😉

These two meet in Grand Central Terminal, as if they were meant to meet. They spend the night roaming the streets of NYC. With every step they go, they get to know a bit more about each other; their past and the problems of their present, of today. Brooke gets to know what it is that is bothering Nick’s mind so much, and he knows about the dilemma awaiting Brooke back home. Their bond grows stronger as they do their best to solve each others’ problems to the extent that they encounter a lot of trouble.

The pretty thing about the movie is the relieving feeling it reflects upon the viewers. Haven’t you ever felt this great urge to open up to a stranger? To go crazy within the course of a few hours? To find someone (you don’t really know) going to the extreme to help you? You will find all of this in Before We Go.

listen to My Funny Valentine.

The only thing I never liked is that they, at the very end, kissed. Throughout the movie, I have loved the fact of them helping one another for being friends, just that. I found it pure and tender to help someone out of the mere love of helping. That doesn’t make it any less of an amazing movie, still.

What I am trying to say here is that the movie is a paradoxical-tender-agonizing two-hour journey. It has the most realistic end there could ever be. But be aware as it tenderly stirs your emotions, so you will have to learn how to put them back to bed.

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