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Have any plans for joining a student activity next semester? CANCEL THEM!
Because why would you join a student activity when you can be a part of the International Student Leadership Conference?
ISLC is set in the AUC, founded in 1995. ISLC’s main concern is the welfare of the community, and it serves that cause greatly through providing the society with skilled, trained, and awesome individuals by giving them a glimpse at professional life through 8 organizing committees and 8 Academic workshops.
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Through your ISLC journey, whether you’re a part of an organizing committee or a workshop, you’ll learn to deliver tasks, work to deadlines, deliver well-structured academic content, and get to be a part of the major events throughout the year; such as the soft opening and the grand event and highlight of ISLC’s year: The 4 day leadership conference. We were honored to have been a part of ISLC’s soft opening this year. With their energetic host: Youssef Othman.

We were also pleased to hear Mahmoud El Bezawy’s talk about the cinematic industry and youths role in making cinema and the whole society better.

And the fun, humorous, and beautiful highlight of the evening was Marwan Younis’s talk about his social media journey and finding one’s passion.

As for the more professional part of the evening, we were pleased to have heard the upper board’s speeches:

Ahmed Radwan, ISLC’s 17′ President. He spoke about his own ISLC professional journey and what he calls “the power of ISLC”.
Nihal Arsan, ISLC’s 17′ Vice President. She spoke about her ISLC journey, how she got to the position where she is now and how being a part of ISLC has had a great impact on her life. She also addressed a message to each and every member, to make the best out of the time they spend in ISLC.

We also had Nadeen Serry, ISLC’s 17′ Executives Coordinator. Who spoke about ISLC’s target and how it develops people, broadens their minds and makes them more aware of aspects to their personalities they never knew existed.

Then we had Karim El Dalil, ISLC’s 17′ Moderators Coordinator. He spoke about the tons of messages and signs we receive everyday, whether they want to take something from us or they’re just purposeless messages. And those that want to give us something, despite being very few, they are very precious.

All the upper board members had points in common in their speeches; mostly about their journey in ISLC and its effect on their lives. But, had you been there you would’ve known that this wasn’t just talk, this isn’t something they say in a speech and forget about the next day. Had you been there you would’ve felt how ISLC truly changes people’s lives!

As for the after party we had the beautiful rising star: Nathalie Saba. With her breathtaking voice. Everyone was so happy, really. It was such a heartwarming evening and a promising start to the season. It really is the next level.

ISLC's high board

ISLC’s high board

To know more about ISLC’s 17′ OC members and AC members.

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