5 Awesome Bloggers You Should Follow

1. Blue Mist


Starting us off is Ziad Ayman with his very impressive blog! A blog that’d leave your head spinning, whether it’s because of how deep his metaphors are or how strong his imagery is. What I love most about this blog is how it’d sometimes make you feel like you’re reading a Renaissance poem rather than a modern one. It’s mostly blue in there as the name suggests. However, I think happiness and satisfaction are guaranteed to be found in how beautifully he writes.

2. Ashraqat’s World

Ashraqat Allam’s blog truly follows its name in being a world on its own. Ashraqat’s blog isn’t your everyday read. Her blog makes you pause to fully absorb every word and meaning, and sometimes pause to wipe off your tears. Yet, it’s occasionally full of flowers and sunshine. So, make sure you’re around when the sunflowers grow because it’s gonna leave your heart jumping up and down joyously.

3. Mariem Sherif

On entering Mariem’s blog, you know you’re in for a royal ride. Mariem; the writer at Berlin ArtParasites, has a very beautiful and very relate-able writing style that will leave a wholehearted smile on your face. What I love about this blog is its optimistic approach even at approaching depressing topics, this blog truly is a warm bundle of joy.

4. Extramundane

2016-10-22-6Salma Ashraf wasn’t kidding when she named her blog “Extramundane” although she should’ve added some sort of warning for the brokenhearted not to enter because it’ll break their hearts even more. Her rhyme is beautiful and her words are heartbreaking, definitely a blog you should start following.

5. The Night Womb


Last but not least, is Ali Atef. With his excellent rhymes, aching words and bold meanings. When reading Ali’s work, you know it’s not enough to read it just once, every time you re-read a writing of his you’ll discover a new depth to the meaning. A brainteaser indeed.

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