Goodbye Mohammad Khan

IMG_3036   Today we pay tribute to Mohamed khan. A man who didn’t offer us only movies to watch, but rather a journey to go through. He took us to unusual places with exceptional characters, who exist among us and may pass by us unnoticeable. He taught us that if you are not happy, simply have some courage, and get out of your comfort zone. It is there where you can meet the best people.



Serendipity: Nagwa was the best proof of happy accidents; the girl who was never old to seek her childhood fantasies. I have to admit this one is the closest to my heart.


Each movie is a true masterpiece, where every detail does matter. He managed to make normal daily act to appear as a beautiful painting.

Everything is beautiful; even football,  which I am not much of a fan of, yet the movie was irresistible.


He will make you feel sorry for Nawal, Mona and Hayam. But will always give you hope with his open ending and its endless possibilities.


Not only his movies, but his presence in “Bebo w Bsheer” just makes you smile.


Finally remember true love will always be in the air.

Another confession: I honestly didn’t know that he directed “Revenge”, which is probably the most unusual movie I have ever seen. Its plot was out of the box and way ahead of its time.


Goodbye Mohammad Khan.


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