10 Things You Have To Deal With Being A Girl Who Loves Football

(Caution: Highly Sarcastic)

  1. “So, you’re trying to tell me that you’re a girl who loves football? What do you love about it?”

What do you? See? Even you don’t really know what do you exactly love about football, you just love it.

  1. “Name five players other than Ronaldo and Messi.”

Seriously? I can list both the Barcelona and Real Madrid squads now, and you won’t even know half of them.

  1. “Do you know the offside rule?” (FAQ)

Do you? Do you know its exceptions? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  1. “You only like football because you like to watch the good looking men.”

Yes, dirty sweaty men are sexy; and you like tennis because the female players wear short skirts.

  1. “Okay, I might try to believe you genuinely do love football, but why would a girl be interested in such a sport anyway?”

Sorry, I missed the disclaimer at the beginning of the match that says “Women Not Allowed To Watch”.

  1. “Don’t you think it affects your femininity and makes guys think of you as more of an a equal, like a friend or a brother, rather than a lady?”

You’re telling me I can’t be both? Also, I should care about what guys think of me? Oh, and that those “hot” half-naked women wearing football jerseys and attending football games, whom you share pictures of, are not feminine enough?

  1. “Do you know who won the first World Cup?” (Another FAQ)

Uruguay 1930.

  1. “Which team do you support. Write a 2 page essay explaining when, how and why.”

  1. “Are you doing this to make guys like you more?”

You caught me red handed.

  1. “Okay, we will accept you as one of us if you answer all the questions in this ultimate football trivia, and if you don’t know the answer to one or make a single, simple mistake then your love and loyalty shall be questioned and you will be dishonored for eternity.”


We love football just as much as you do. Football does not discriminate and so shouldn’t you.

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