UEFA euro 2016 semi-finals: An expected surprise.


Portugal and France clinched precious wins by 2-0 each to claim their title at the final of the Euro 2016.

Portugal beat the draconian Wales team, the Leicester city of the tournament, after reaching the semi-final leg in their first ever participation in the Euro, that by itself is an accomplishment.

Gareth Bale and his comrades were strong through the whole of the tournament, but that wasn’t enough to beat the Don Cristiano Ronaldo and his fellow Portuguese, who showed utter dominance throughout the whole game.

The first goal came from a brilliant header from Cristiano Ronaldo, reaching a height of 2.88m to place the ball inside the net, equaling Michel Platini as the all-time top scorer of the tournament with 9 goals.

The second goal came from a shot also by the Don, but was converted by Nani into the goal to end the game early on.

A third goal was missed by inches after a shot from Joao Mario went weirdly outside.


The homeland heroes, France, clinched a more-than-precious win over the world champions Germany, regarded as the strongest team of the current era, by 2-0.

The Germans showed dominance from the early stages of the game and throughout the entirety of the first half, if it wasn’t for a penalty kick, blatantly caused by the captain Bastian Schweinsteiger, and scored by Antoine Griezmann, that made sure France came out of the first half triumphant.

The second half saw an apparent clumsiness and multiple defensive mistakes, one of which caused the second goal.

A defense and a goalkeeper regarded by many as invincible, made an unforgivable mistake, and Antoine Griezmann was in the right spot to score the second goal and ensure France qualified to the final match.

The French clearly have an advantage every time a tournament is hosted by them, as they proved in the 1998 World Cup as well as the 2000 Euro, which they both won.

So Ronaldo and his teammates have a difficult mission to accomplish, but nonetheless, a team which qualified to the final match with only one win, can have more than one surprise stored for the fans.

Tune in this Sunday at 10pm EET to witness a night of unforgettable sporting entertainment as well as French glamour.


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