What we loved about the Bassma Boussel show

It was all about neutrals; black, white and nude.

My top pick was the black dress: Sexy, yet still conservative.


At 1st sight I honestly got the sheer polka dots part mistaken for a really well constructed belt; obviously it was not. The dress seems to be made of a separate jungle like long fitted skirt in balck (which is pretty unusual color for a summery like skirt with its two pointed edges) and a crop top joined together. The white details at the top add elegance to the dress and lighten up its color from the strong all black dramatic effect. I love everything about that dress.


My 2nd top choice is the golden white dress.


It says Arabian princess the moment you see it. The cross strands, the belt, sleeves, and back of the skirt all together give this slimming effect. Reminded me of the illusion dress but in an extra royal Givenchy way. The golden patterns are kind of edgy having the animal print soul in it. The dress can even be worn to a red carpet event.



So I’m not really into low high dresses, specially for weddings, but I couldn’t stop myself noticing the veil. The dress’s neckline, the off shoulder sleeves along with their details, that are also going down from the centre, are simple and cute. I would have definitely went for it if it was all floor length.


The fashion presentation showed some really cool blazers.



These are my top two choices.



They can be dressed up for a major event when you are bored with dresses or simply if you are not into them, as well as dressed down using a well fitted pair of jeans and flats.

Not too casual though due to their fabric and construction, but still highly wearable.


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