Never give up on your dreams: Dominae

Screenshot_2016-05-30-12-11-35-1Simple designs are the most elegant.

Beautiful designs that were presented in a well wrapped box with a makeup gift bag and, more important, a smile.

We were delighted to have met the lovely lady behind Dominae, Mai Khaddam.

P: How did it all start?

M: Since I was a little kid I always wanted to be a designer. The word was not currently known as it is now. My friends always asked me what do you want to do when you grow up and I always answered them: A tailor; so they made fun of me.

Then I grew up and went to college as my father wished, but it was always inside of me.

Later my husband supported me to fulfill my dream and I did.


P: What kind of education did you have?

M: I took many courses and went to Italian fashion academy.


P: How did you came up with your brand’s name?

M: I was riding in the car with my friends and I told them “did you know that Dominae means lady in Latin” and they all liked the idea ; so we decided to stick to that name.


P: How is that reflected in your designs?

M: My designs are classic in new modern way. I tend to use different fabrics, each piece is made of at least 3 types of fabrics.


P: Does this mean you don’t make any casual wear?

M: Oh! but I do make casual wear. You can see the dresses in light fabrics full of colors.



P: You have a lovely team. Tell me more about it.

M: They are all my friends and family who came to help and support me on          this day.


P: Who inspires you ?

M: Soad Hosni and Faten Hamama are my favorite actresses.


P: Who is your favorite designer ?

M: Chanel, of course. She invented something; I hope to do the same one day.


Well, we are all sure you will one day.

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