The Talentend Nivine Mansour

Nivine Mansour
We were honored to meet up with the multitalented Nivine Mansour, she is not just a fashion designer, and she is a jewelry maker and an interior designer
This was her first time to show her outstanding collection in Egypt
Nevine Mansour is another new face to the Egyptian fashion scene as most of her work is in Dubai; she’s been working there since 2004, 13260891_883403141768960_139415061_n
1. How do you feel about showing your collection to the Egyptian market?
“I’m a bit nervous, I was actually working on a collection that was supposed to be showcased in Dubai, but we made a quick decision and here I am,” said Mansour. “My collection is mainly soiree peinture; mostly mosaic, stained glass, pop art.”
2. Do you feel a difference between the Egyptian market and the Khaliji one?
Yes of course, I still use my colors and my ideas; however the Khaliji taste is so much different than the Egyptian one
The Egyptian one is a bit simpler

3. Are you thinking of opening your own store anytime soon?
Yes, of course, I already showcase my painting collection at El-Magdounia ArtGallery, it’s being renovated no wand the ReLaunching will be very soon.

4. Tell us more about your collection
It’s a strong colored one with some abstract paintings full of patterns
The collection had a clear 80’s vibe with a concentration on the color blocking.

We are proud that now we have such a talent here in Cairo.. we can’t wait to attend her next show and take a look at her awesome designs 🙂13398526_1739351959612478_1446463908_n

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