A beach bag from another World!!

Seashells Egypt image
They are not just simple beach bags that you take to the beach,
They are done with love and care in every simple detail.
We had the honor of interviewing the mastermind behind it all; and to our surprise he is a young talented MAN!
1. We were surprised to discover that the designer is actually a guy!
Yes, I am. They are bags; beach bags, yes, but still bags.
And by the way, we have some manly ones too. (Laughs)
2. How do you get inspired?image
From everything around me; the streets, the colors, the magazines, everything.
3. Tell us more about your Bags.
They are handmade in Egypt, and we add the details based on the latest color and trends.
We also have the towel bag which is a beach bag and a towel at the same time.
4. Women’s taste is not easy, how do you manage being trendy?
Usually before launching a new collection, I make a sample from each design and I show them to my friends and relatives. They tell me their comments and I try my best to make use of them.
5. We heard about your new collection, Palma. Tell us more about it
Yeah, I am starting a new line and I will call it (Palma), it’s a collection for all year long, because usually the beach bags are mainly for summer.
The new line is back-bags, cross-bags, and of course we didn’t forget the men.
**We enjoyed meeting Mostafa, the man behind it all. Make sure to check their Facebook and Instagarm page @seashellEgypt

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