Dress code: Formal not Boring.

So I got invited to this event and when I read the dress code, it hit me; it was formal. Probably if you got invited to one too, the 1st thing that will come to your mind is what to wear and how to survive this without looking too predictable or as if you were wearing a uniform.


1.Add some patterns to your white top.

lace top 2

Patterns don’t have to be in color; a detailed laced top, a Chiffon one with polka dots in white or adding some ribbons (though tassel and fringes are a bit more trendy to add but they would definitely dress you down so they can’t work for all occasions nor for everyone). Striped tops are also a good choice, you can have them in black and white. I know stripes exist in red or blue too, but they are just too casual for me, sorry.


2.Shift the black trousers.


Wear some navy pants. For a more flexible dress code you can use patterned skinny pants in black and white. But if your dress code is too uptight you can embrace Capri pants in black, Audrey wore them the whole time and still managed effortlessly chic; she made them classic.

Culottes pants are a good choice as well: They made a huge impact last season and still do.

If you are more into skirts, maybe you can embrace a 50s Capri black or, even better, navy skirt. They are just wow.


3.Be brave and say no to heels.

loafer 2

Unless you are extremely short, you don’t have to wear them to every single occasion on your calendar. Instead put on some loafers. Personally I prefer tassel kilted loafers; mine are leather oxblood. Yet my granny got these amazing bit Gucci loafers that I keep borrowing all the time for more formal events.


4.The Jackie O effect.


My event took place in a garden on a really sunny day, so for protection I had to put on sunblock along with my sunglasses and who is better than Jackie to get you inspired. So I got these extremely large rounded sunglasses that cover almost half of my face and perfectly fit me; after all I believe in the saying go big or go home.

But guess what, unless it is an open door event, you won’t need them; so it is really kind of optional. Also if your face don’t go with the big eyeglasses nor the rounded, you probably would be better wearing another style that suits you.


5.Add a twist.


It is true that a neutral bag, or a bag that is an exact match to your shoe color are both classic choices, but they are way too safe. Who wants safe when you can live on the edge?

As by now most of your outfit is plain neutral, you probably need to pump things up by putting on a statement colorful bag.

Just pick a nice color that can go right with whatever color you have on; including your nail polish and lipstick.


6.Add more lipstick and attack.


By now your eyes are covered so why not maximize it a bit and wear some red lips.

I’m not a makeup expert but I can tell you this, if you wear red lipstick you probably want to keep your eye makeup to the minimal. So no smokey eye shadow is allowed, just your eyeliner and mascara can do the trick.

I got this beautiful blue liquid eyeliner along with a blue tinted mascara. I have to admit I’m in love with blue as a color, but this is not the only reason i use them; with these two I can safely shift from black and still keep it ladylike.

But if your event isn’t taking place by day nor outdoors, you can choose whatever makeup you want to stick to. Pop your eyes or your lips, choose your best asset and highlight it.


7.Pearls are equal to diamonds.


Diamonds have been crowned as a girl’s best friend for years, but so should pearls.

A pearl necklace is just an essential piece in your closet as your diamond earrings are.

If you can afford a real one that is amazing, but if you can’t, like many including me, just make sure to buy a good fake one. I know it might be considered as over classic but these days pearls are retro, and retro is cool. Yet you don’t want to end up being too boring, so pop them out with some gold chains or another colored necklace.


8.Twist it one more time.


Add a brooch. I know for some it may sound as a cliché or you may think of it as something your grandma would wear; but the truth is many have marvelously worked it out. Use a flower shaped one in fabric (better lace) or metal (better same metal to match with your chains).

9.The final touch.


I got this new haircut that looks like a 50’s one that even my cousin told me I looked like I was out of an old movie; you know the ones in black and white. So technically I don’t have to do much with it: the cut can say both formal since it is retro and forward since not so many have it. But what is quite trendy now are either bangs or braids; my opinion braids are simpler, cooler, reversible and moreover you can have endless varieties.

p.s: Actually, ponytails are quite trendier.

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