The Gardening Angel: Esmeralda Radwan


IMG_20160527_213944“I’ve got to tell you something, this person is amazing.” That’s what one of her models stopped us to say, when we finished interviewing Esmeralda Radwan.

P: Have you always wanted to become a designer?

E: Ever since I was 13, I did. But I knew I had to be qualified, so I took many courses and classes until I launched in 2014. I worked hard and still do.


P: What was your inspiration for you new collection?

E: There are 2 actually: The 1st one is inspired from the “Galabyah” that you would wear in the countryside. It is beautiful, since it can be pulled off in Ramdan easily.

IMG-20160528-WA0010The 2nd one is inspired from summer, with its colors and light fabric. It is more suitable to both, traveling and Eid.


P: Who is your favorite designer?

E: Ellie Saab and Donatella Versace.


P: Who is your favorite celebrity?

E: Blake Lively; I just love her.


And we love you.

IMG-20160530-WA0027 (1)







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