20 Signs You’re Becoming An Adult (And Failing At It)

1. You believe that those extra five minutes of sleep will make a great difference and give you the energy to keep going throughout your day (But that’s not true, unfortunately).

2. Sleep, again, has become the solution to all your problems, a stress-relief method, an escape from reality and all your responsibilities; simply, a temporary hideout from life. Unfortunately again, it is only temporary.

3. Procrastination has become a way of life. You procrastinate until you no longer can and then you procrastinate some more.

4. You spend money like you have money, then you end up spending at least half of the month broke as hell. One day you’re living life to the fullest and the other you’re striving to survive.

5. You have lost the power to socially interact with humans. You might pass by a lot of people you know in the hallway and pretend you haven’t seen them, or look the other way, just because you’re too exhausted to fake a smile and have a pointless small talk. You don’t hate them, you just don’t have the energy. You also don’t hangout as often as you used to. In fact you barely hangout anymore. Unless it’s a special occasion or you really miss your friends, you don’t put an effort to go out.

6. Now speaking of friends, you now have way less friends. In fact, your friends are decreasing at a scary rate that you end up having one or two real ones, and sometimes you even feel that you’ve only got yourself.

7. You cherish your alone time more than ever. In fact, you crave your alone time at a rate that might be a bit alarming, but that’s okay, you need to figure things on your own every now and then because simply nobody knows or understands you but you.

8. The weekends have lost their sacredness. They are no longer the time for you to chill out, relax and have fun. The two days feel like two hours and you spend them either sleeping or finishing work or a mixture of both.

9. You can not function without your fix. No, not drugs, but mostly coffee, or chocolate, or a smoke; one, two, or all of them with varying amounts according to the amount of stress you have. You have become so dependent on something that you start to believe you won’t be able to function without, and when it’s there you feel like the world finally makes sense, that everything is under control and that there’s nothing you can’t do now.

10. Mood swings have become part of you. One moment you could be laughing and something strikes you and an endless chain reaction starts and you immediately burst into tears or at least feel like you want to and hold them in, because as an adult that’s what you realized you should do.

11. Your disappointment threshold has increased and your expectations have reached rock bottom. Nothing surprises you anymore.

12. You laugh at things that used to break your heart and make you cry, and sometimes you wonder how were you so silly. You realize now that there are so much bigger problems in life.

13. You do not trust people easily or open up like you used to. You only talk with your closest friends and you sometimes choose who exactly to tell. You still hold a lot of stuff in most of the time, and you think that everybody doesn’t need to know everything.

14. You over-think while over-thinking about over-thinking. I think you get it; too much over-thinking.

15. Stress, anxiety and depression are no longer psychological disorders. Okay well, they still are but they have just become so common that they seem normal.

16. You’d rather handle things on your own even if you need help because this is just how you prefer things. This is how things are easier.

17. You still haven’t gotten life figured out… yet. Even when you think you do, you realize it’s not as easy as it seems, and you keep wondering if this is really what you want to do.

18. Your life has become an endless cycle of “I have no choice” and “I don’t give a damn”. Most of the time you just do what you got to do whether you like it or not, for college, work or whatever other responsibilities you have. And due to all this stress you get that moment where you’re just tired of all this and decide to throw it all away, even if for a day, regardless of the consequences. But then later on you end up with more to do and the cycle goes on.

19. You don’t even know who you are anymore. You hear the words “you’ve changed” more than your name and even you can feel it. Life has found its way and has gotten to you in a way you yourself wonder what have you become. You simply grew up, that’s what happened.

20. You resort to watching endless seasons of tv series and all the latest box office movies as a way of temporarily isolating yourself from reality and getting your mind off of things. It may not be the most effective method, but it works and it helps until reality strikes again.

Maybe life is no longer rainbows and butterflies, but for the few moments it becomes this way, it’s totally worth it. You learned to embrace all the small things and be grateful for every happy moment. You learned to know who really matters to you, and that it’s about the quality of the few loved ones who actually care, rather than a huge quantity of useless people in your life. Maybe the transition phase from being a child to an adult is tough, but once it’s over, it becomes very rewarding and again you’ll look back at those times and laugh. Just hang in there.

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