10 reasons why coffee should be your best friend!

Photography by Ayat El-Gezery

Photography by Ayat El-Gezery


Coffee has this essence that leaves the mind relaxed with the very first sip in the early–especially chilly–morning. You might feel grumpy or pissed off a little or maybe just not fully awake, but then you grab your coffee and the world is suddenly changing slowly around you. Be it black, with milk, freshened by flavors or simply the regular, coffee always draws a smile upon the face of the beholder–literally–and here are 10 reasons why:


  • 1. Coffee has caffeine which is really good for the brain.


Not all people are morning persons, so they might physically be walking around the room but their minds are bluntly still on auto-pilot, and that’s when coffee kicks in! Caffeine stimulates the mind and so it makes you feel smarter and more energetic to accomplish as many tasks as needed in the morning or whenever you feel mentally drained.


  • 2. Coffee is not only for the mind; but also for the body.


Burning fats. Yes, you read that right, caffeine raises the metabolism rate and so it burns fats,making you feel physically healthy as well as mentally. Not only that, but it is full of antioxidants and is especially high in one group of antioxidant compounds called flavonoids, which contain great benefits to health according to scientific research.


  • 3. Coffee lowers risks of cancer.


Because it contains antioxidants, it’s only logical that it prevents diseases,like cancer with most of its types.


  • 4. Coffee helps you stay alert.


No matter how late you stayed the night before, coffee would never fail to make you welcome the morning like you never did before!


  • 5. Coffee automatically lifts up your mood.


Just imagine, on a chilly morning and your hands wrapping that hot cup of coffee with its irresistible smell sneaking up your nostrils, a smile would draw on your face and your mood would change instantly.


  • 6. Coffee helps you through your workouts.


A dose of coffee before your workout can boost your physical performance, because it contains adrenaline and that makes your body perform better while you do your daily workout.


  • 7. Coffee helps you live longer.


Here’s a tip you probably didn’t know; people who drink at least one cup of coffee each day lowers  their risk of dying from lifestyle-related health problems over the period of 10 years.


  • 8. Coffee fights depression.


Yes, it’s true. Through research it has been proven that people who drink coffee on a daily basis are less prone to depression and suicidal thoughts.


  • 9. Coffee is your friend, it protects you from Alzheimer’s disease.


Known as a disease that evolves through aging, coffee can reduce the risk of having Alzheimer’s disease, besides exercising and eating healthy of course.


  • 10. Last but not least; coffee is good for your liver.


Coffee is  protective against certain liver disorders, lowering the risk of liver cancer by 40% .


Now, as you have always enjoyed your coffee for no reasons but the smell and the taste, you know why you should be grateful for that cup of happiness each morning. Embrace the grace and smile at your coffee for it helps you through a lot of aspects all along the day. Happy mornings with your best friend.



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