Leaving The Friend Zone (Eve)

To all those who are complaining about being in the friend-zone;

Have you ever tried leaving it?

Isn’t it worth the risk to tell the person you love that you do,

Regardless of how she seems to feel towards you?


Women can be so complicated and tricky.

She might pretend to be just friends as a way of concealing her real feelings.

She might pretend to be just friends as not to expose herself and end up being broken hearted.

She might just be protecting her heart and dignity from being shattered and scattered.


And you foolishly decided to abort everything,

Because you were too lazy to read between the lines,

Or too scared to take a step forward.

Preferring to live in blissful ignorance

Rather than bothering yourself with finding out the truth or getting closure.


If she’s worth the risk,

You’ll tell her how you feel,

Regardless of the consequences,

You’ll let it all out,

And that scenario you’re afraid of,

Even if it happens,

Will lead your heart to peace,

And with your life then, you can move on.

But trust me when I tell you,

Either way it will end up happily.

You might as well be surprised how she feels in return.

You might as well regret keeping it all this time hidden from her.


So spit it out before it’s too late,

Before she’s gone to someone who had the guts to spill out the contents of his heart,

And remembered life is too short.

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Nada Shahin

Founder and CEO. Mother of the staff. Dentist. Teacher. A heart-driven spontaneous perfectionist (you do the maths). Passionate about writing. Loves chocolate of all colours and types (no discrimination).

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