I am A Man



I’m a man.

I’m the scale upon which strength is evaluated.

I’m the idea of chivalry, protection and determination.

I have no fear facing life’s challenges.

When I am born, an entire legacy is to be paved. A lot of people depend on me. I am the protector of my mother, my sister, my wife, my daughter. It’s not a choice, it’s an instinct.

I get uncomfortable when I feel threatened by another. I have to prove him wrong, and save my spot.

I face the rough side of the world. My path is never easy.

When times get hard and I fall, I have to get up; it’s my obligation.

I can’t exhibit weakness, or else the people I protect will lose their trust in me. I will fail them, and their survival might be threatened.


Yet, I have a weak side.

I need to be loved and cared for. I need to be nurtured. I need to grow. I need to learn from my experiences. I need to feel that I am the king of my ecological niche.


My needs are not granted, I have to strive for them.

A true man should never make a woman feel that she is less than him. He should enhance her capabilities, and make it clear that she excels in certain characteristics as he excels in others. Their capability to coexist depends on each other.


Being a man is not easy, yet it is our destiny. We can choose to handle its responsibility or we lose the so called privilege of saying ‘I’m a man.’

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