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Be the Scientist You Always Wanted to be!

Being an engineering student that has successfully reached his senior year with the least number of obstacles expected, my love for science has increased gradually as I excelled. Science is generally the set of guidelines...


Joud – the refugee haven.

                            Imagine the scene of a family sitting by the TV having their casual talk, enjoying their quality time. The smiles...


!فنسنت فان جوخ يعود للحياة

بعدسة عادل عصام، في شوارع الاسكندرية، تطابق الزمان و المكان ليظهروا شبيه الفنان ذو الحياة المليئة بالتفاصيل المثيرة للجدل، الكثيرة و المؤلمة في بعض الأوقات. (مارس 1853 – 29 يوليو 1890) فنسنت فان جوخ...


The Butterfly Effect

  The Butterfly Effect is, according to the Urban dictionary, the scientific theory that a single occurrence, no matter how small, can change the course of the universe forever. In simpler words, it is...


Noel Hopkins: Batman Did It!

We wanted to know more about Noel Hopkins, the world’s cutest kid, and so his sweet mother, Laura Hopkins, gave us the opportunity and helped answer the questions we had in mind. So here’s...


And no one ever knew what happened

He always had standards and rules for the girl he’ll marry, and he wasn’t to marry any girl who didn’t have them. They were written as points in a foolscap paper that’s put in...


Before We Go

Before We Go is Chris Evans directorial debut. It was released in Toronto International Film Festival in 2014. It stars the oh-so handsome Chris Evans as Nick Vaughan and the woman with the prettiest...


Social Awkwardness is my Superpower!

Have you ever taken the time to focus on your friends or even random strangers in the streets? I’m not talking about being a stalker or a perv, but rather focusing on their personalities...


And only amidst chaos, I find clarity. Only when the world goes crazy, I find sanity. –NadaShahin Artwork by Mahinour Kamal